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I spent a lot of time around other people's kids this weekend, what with the bridal shower on Saturday and the 25th annual Godiska family reunion on Sunday. And of course, while I was surrounded by all of these beautiful people, I still managed to take about 800 pictures of my own kid. (That is because I am a self-absorbed asshole, of course.) But here are some of the snaps I got of some of the other people I am related to:

My cousin Abby. She just graduated from high school and is going to Pitt in the fall. Not sure what she's studying, but I hope she takes a few photography classes -- not that she needs them, because she's already quite good.

My nephew Joey and my cousin Ashtyn. He's the son of my dad's youngest sister, who is only a few years older than me. My dad's side of the family is huge and weird and we joke that we are inbred, but we do make beautiful children, no?

Another shot of Ashtyn. He's a great kid, almost a year and a half. I love this hat.

This is Joshie. He's my cousin's kid, and he is almost two (his birthday is in August). Joshie's mom was in court with us on the day our adoption was finalized. He looks just like his dad.

Brittany used to be the youngest of my first cousins, before Ashtyn was born. She is almost 9, I think. She spent this weekend hanging out with Shae and pretty much treating my two-year-old like a "big kid." There are not words for how glad I am of that. Shae keeps asking to see Brit. Job well done, kid!

Andrew and Ronnie. We call Andrew "Archie" but I don't know why. Here they are up to no good -- filling up water balloons, I think. Silly boys. Super Soakers work way better.

Autumn and Samantha. Love these girls! They're a lot of fun. Here they're pretending to be caught by the paparazzi because I asked them to. Does everyone do that for family?

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