Birthday Sunshine

So ... all that emo nonsense is over. For now, anyway. Once I got home from work, it was a Happiness Zone. A bit ghetto, perhaps, because I don't have a single birthday candle and so we had to blow out vanilla scented votives, but a Happiness Zone nonethedamnless:

And we really, really like ice cream cake, apparently:

And then we took a bath, and while we were waiting for the tub to fill, Cupcake asked me to sing her a song, "Sunshine" she called it, over and over again. You know the song:
You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are gray ...
She snuggled into my chest while I sang to her, and rocked in my arms, and told me exactly what I wanted to hear, even though I never asked her to (and she probably wouldn't have listened even if I had). She just knew I wanted to hear it, I think, and even though it was her birthday, she wanted to make me happy.

Happy birthday, Sunshine. Mommy loves you very much.


  1. too cute! although you could've left the lights on in the dining room. we still would've seen the candles :-)

  2. i DID -- that's the sad part. this is actually the RETAKE with the lights one.