Pennies from Heaven

There are two mugs full of pennies on my desk at work. Last March, when we found out that Cupcake was going to be coming to live with us, I started putting all the pennies from my wallet in a paper cup. When that got too heavy, I switched them over to a mug. When the first mug got full, I started another one. The second mug is now almost full. I figure I have at least $5.00 in change in those mugs, maybe more.

It's kind of ridiculous to be a 30-something professional type with cups full of loose change on her desk, but I did it for Cupcake -- it has always been my plan to eventually convert these coins into dollars, and open a savings account for her when the adoption was completed. I jokingly refer to this as "the college fund," but it's kind of what it is. It's also a reminder of how long we've waited, how much we've done, and how much we've still yet to do, before the process is over.

Fill one mug, start filling another. Hit one target, aim for the next. Live in the now, plan for the future. Well, the future is soon: on April 15th, if all goes according to plan, G and I will be able to open a savings account for our new dependent. And, ironically, Tax Day will become my new favoritest day of the year.


  1. yay pennies! i have quite a few for joey, too ;-)

  2. pennies are highly underrated, imo.