Holding Pattern

Yesterday was an anniversary for us -- one year ago, Cupcake came to live with us. We treated it like any other lazy Saturday, but I think that G and I were both thinking about what a big damn deal it was, and whether we should do something, or what.

Turns out we didn't do anything special, unless you count reformatting my hard drive for eight hours and then spending half the night trying to get my digital life back together as "something special," which I don't. Especially because I am still trying to find stuff.

We also kind of didn't know what to do, mostly because we didn't know what to do. We don't know any other foster parents, so it's not like we could call anybody up and say, "Hey, how do you commemorate the day that your kid sorta-kinda became your kid, but not really, exactly?"

Also: I tried to make a movie, a look back on the past year in pictures, and that sort of crashed my entire computer, which is part of what caused the eternal reformat from hell, and by the time everything was restored I didn't feel like it any more.

But I wanted to mention it, because yesterday was kind of meaningful, even if it only made us both more aware of all the ridiculous demands we need to meet and flaming hoops we need to jump through before our "daughter" officially becomes our Daughter.

PS -- Pictures are safe. So, yay for that!


  1. Reformatting your hard drive sounds like fun. We're going to wipe my entire laptop one of these days. I keep putting it off, for obvious reasons.

  2. woo-hoo! one year! hopefully only one more month until she's officially all yours ;-)

  3. i would put off reformatting your hard drive until the end of time if possible. i really should just get a mac.