Barely Breathing

This is a picture of the saddest little girl in the world:

I mean, seriously. Look at her. That? Is the face of a kid who is so miserable that there aren't even words in the English language for it.

You see, we're teething, and that means the unholy chain of plague has been unleashed in our house again: teething makes her nose run, and that makes her have a post-nasal drip, which makes her cough. Plus, there is the teething pain, which also causes earaches. So, basically, everything from the tonsils up hurts this poor girl, which means just forget about combing her hair.

On top of it, she spent the night in a "strange" place yesterday -- G and I went to Atlantic City to see a Lewis Black concert with an added side parade of random underage whores or something, oh my god the lobby of the Borgata was like a bordello. So Cupcake stayed at my parents' house, where she refuses to sleep. Fun! Plus she doesn't feel all that hot to begin with, so hooray! It's total gretz and gloom.

And now G is out of town for a week on business, which means I am "single-parenting," so really, I am in an unenviable position. I could literally ride into the living room on a unicorn that poops rainbows and jellybeans, and I could let Cupcake poke the cat in the eye and operate an acetylene torch during "Dora the Explorer," and I'm still going to be the Wicked Witch of the West this week, because I am not Daddy.

So you better believe that (1) we are going to bed early all week, and (2) she's eating corned beef and cabbage on Tuesday.


  1. woo-hoo! corned beef and cabbage! at least she already knows how to use a spoon and fork ;-)

  2. actually, i think we're going to wuss out and go with ham and mashed potatoes instead -- only because, if she doesn't like cabbage, i'm going to be stuck with it, and even at 19 cents for a whole head of cabbage, that's ... a lot.

  3. I miss my poor Shae. I am sorry that she didn't sleep much, but it was kinda fun having a slumber party on the floor.