Magic Wand

The last of the 2008 Christmas pictures. Pinky swear. I like this picture even though it's all jiggy and it makes Cupcake look like she has a double chin. Not sure what exactly I like about it, but for some reason I find it very charming. (Obviously this was taken before the candy cane ended up in the gaping maw.)

Our apologies to the Legion: Cupcake probably ate 7 candy canes at Ashtyn's birthday party. Yoinked them right off the tree. My Anonymous Mother is SUCH an enabler. In any case ... you might be seeing this one again, on next year's calendar.


  1. random aside - i never noticed how straight her teeth are. i hope her adult teeth are just as good. will save you a ton by not having to get braces ;-)

  2. lol, wish i had anything to do with that.