Winter Wonderland

From the Christmas party that was thrown by our foster-adoption agency at a twee little local Catholic college. Notre Dame, that joint isn't, nor is it particularly high-budget. I do love me some paper snowflakes, though. Although these could use a little glitter or something.

The original is in my Flickr photostream, which you can get to by clicking on this pic. I love playing around with their Picnik photo editing tool, because I am a Luddite who can't manage Photoshop. Just in case you haven't noticed, I love their "soften" effect, which makes it look like I smeared the camera with Vaseline, like my kid is Joan Crawford or Rita Hayworth or something.

Not much going on -- was sick today, and took some naps, and mostly marinated in my misery, since this is my least favorite time of the year. I am working on an explanation, but it won't have pictures, and I know that's what you people are after. So I farted around with this one so I don't get nagged into an early grave. JAIME.


  1. hey. you're doing better than me. it's been over 5 days since i posted (or something like that). now i know what you're going through - i'll stop nagging ;-)

  2. secretly i love the nagging. it means i get messages in my gmail.

  3. i'll keep posting, just stop the nagging ;-)