Snow Day

Cupcake spent the day with my sister. They're at my parents', pretty much snowed in. It's raining here, but just 45 miles away they're expecting a total of 3-5 inches. Fun! Not sure what was on the agenda today but it must have been exhausting, because I received this picture from the field:

Photo by Shelleybeans!

I'm jealous. I could totally use a nap. Anyway, we're heading up there to spring her but it's more likely that we're just going to end up sleeping over. Which could be worse, I suppose: it will be a crowded house, but at least we will be surrounded by most of our favorite people.

And possibly there will be French toast in the morning, which is never a bad thing, no matter the price.


  1. i am so jealous!! and can't wait to be home so i can pump a few bottles and maybe string together more than 3 hours sleep!

  2. I was going to comment about J, but she beat me to it. The comment was for you to stop waxing poetic about favorite people and french toast or you'll make your little sister teary-eyed. Drive safe (we, too, only got rain). -Tina

  3. no pictures of the baby playing in snow?

    i was going to take some of joey tomorrow, but the high is only going to be 5 degrees, so i think i'll pass.

  4. i hope to have pictures up later but i don't know what we got. we were at mom's all day yesterday and then there was the haldaman xmas party so we didn't get home until late.