Confidential To My Sister Who Is Half A World Away In Chicago Which Might As Well Be Another Damn Planet ...

... I am listening to "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street" on my iPod, and I remember all the cracks and skips in the record which transferred over to the digital recording, and I remember all the times we played this record to put the cracks and skips there, and I still remember every single one of the words ...

... and I am crying, because I miss you.


  1. i miss you, too!

    and we just bought sesame street old school vol 2, 1974-1978. can't wait to introduce joey to the real sesame street!

  2. on new school sesame street, abby cadabra is pretty cool. but grover will always be my one and only true love, so long as there exists "the monster at the end of this book."