We don't always allow Cupcake to have sweets, so when she gets them, it's kind of a big deal. Not to us -- I mean, we just don't let her have them. She gets Teddy Grahams and animal crackers and the occasional Ritz Bit, but her meals usually end with fruit of some kind or, if we're being really indulgent, some Jell-O. We're trying to teach good eating habits, you know?

So when she is around my parents and there is a special occasion, sometimes they let her overindulge a little bit. Or at least get up to no good.


  1. i still can't believe how strict you are with her and candy. especially given your mountain dew addiction ;-)

  2. we like it to be a treat, not an entitlement. she's not overweight now, but she was SEVERELY overweight when she was younger, and we want to encourage good habits.

    plus, if we gave her junk food all the time, it wouldn't be as exciting when mom gave it to her, would it?