We did not go trick-or-treating in the traditional sense on Halloween night, or even at all, if you want to be honest. (I believe we have already acknowledged that I am a Very Bad Parent.) But we did dress up and go visit people, as evidenced here.

I wasn't sure about doing the whole door-to-door thing. I mean, I had a lot of fun trick-or-treating when I was a kid, but at this age? It seems kind of pointless. She can't even say "trick-or-treat" yet. And then there is that whole thing about us not giving her candy. (See "I am a Very Bad Parent," above.)

We went to visit all my grandparents, and we did come home with a very small goodie bag with some snacks in it. Keystone Party Mix, which Cupcake is allowed to eat, and an assload of Nerds, which she most definitely is NOT. So I ate them.

It's been a while since she saw my father's mother, so I couldn't get Cupcake to sit down for a picture, but I assure you that there was hugging and kissing at the end of the night, right before she (and I) dropped off from exhaustion in the car. At 9:30.


  1. quick question. what "program" do you use to do these picture collages? i was thinking of making my own announcements and having them printed at costco, so just looking for some ideas.

    and if you want any pics of joey, just let me know which ones and what size. there will most likely be an order shipped to easton anyway, so i can just add a few more and you can pay me back never. (4x6's are 17 cents, 5x7's 34 cents, and 8x10's $1.49. just for reference. so unless you want like a 100 prints, so big deal.)

  2. i use a very sophisticated program called ... microsoft publisher. srsly. i just crop or otherwise edit the pictures i want to use, then insert them, line them up, add borders or whatever, and then do a paste-and-cut screen print using paint. save the edits as a jpeg, and shazam! then when i upload to flickr, if i want to add fuzziness or whatever, i can do it using their picnik tool (or whatever it's called).

    i suppose i COULD use photoshop, but then i'd have to learn HOW to use photoshop, and ... i'm a luddite. you're lucky you even get blog posts out of me. i can barely work a computer.

    guess i'm qualified to be preznint, no? ;-)