Matched Set

Cupcake, G and I went to the Emmaus Halloween Parade on Saturday 10/18, and because we are that twee family that everyone hates, we all wore orange shirts -- so we ended up looking like a set of deranged Northampton-resident-action-figures or something. (As if anybody would buy those.) I like this picture but I don't know why -- Cupcake is looking at me all, "What? I'm eating here. God, you make being cute so hard." And if I am projecting these things into her head now, before we've even gotten to the Terrible Twos, can you just imagine what I'm going to have her saying when we get to The Teenage Afterschool-Special Years? Christ on a cracker.

Fun Fact: There are potato chip crumbs on G's shirt in this picture.


  1. i think ryan was wearing this shirt the first time i met cupcake ;-)