God's Own Cheeseburger

They say you always remember your first. There's a reason for that. No matter how much time passes, you will never forget the smell, the taste, the special feel of the toasted bun, the juiciness of the beef, the tang and salt of the delicious cheese as it melts in your mouth. And those fries ... freshly peeled and sliced in each restaurant, never frozen, just the perfect amount of seasoning. Bliss in a paper bag, with an ice cold Dr. Pepper.

I was supposed to be doing a compare-and-contrast style review of In-N-Out and Jack in the Box, but there really is no comparison to be made. In-N-Out is God's own cheeseburger. And someday, my precious: someday, I will have you again.

(Pictured -- Easy #2 Combo: Cheeseburger, medium fries, medium Dr. Pepper, about 1/2 dozen ketchups. Purchased at the In-N-Out in Prescott, Arizona on Saturday, September 20, 2008 for $4.76. The fact that this was Adam & Amanda's wedding day probably only helped to enhance the awesome.)

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