Um ... Touchdown?

Um ... Touchdown?
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We're trying to teach Cupcake the "touchdown" signal, but so far this is the best we've been able to do. It's only training camp, though -- we've got time.

PS -- One of the Top Five Baby Gifts EVAH. Another is the "Terrible Toddler Towel" that came with this. Thanks, Tina & Sam & Brendan!

PPS -- We have an Eagles cheerleader outfit, too. Don't worry, you'll see that one later.


  1. I misses you Rockle! And that face she's making is the most ADORABLE thing evah.

    Many mwahs!

  2. Hurray for the Terrible Toddler Towel! Please don't use it to clean up spills! Thanks for posting the pic. It really is priceless!

  3. G wants to FRAME the Toddler Towel -- Cucpake was allowed to hold it, like, once for a picture, and then we had to "put it away somewhere safe."

    Seriously, how am I supposed to teach this kid to cheer if her Daddy won't let her wreck anything? Spoilsport.


  4. so cute!! can't wait to see you guys!! only one more month!