Not In Kansas Any More

Not In Kansas Any More
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I was looking through some old pictures, and found this one from last summer. Use to be, all I needed to pack for an afternoon at the pool was sunglasses, a book and a fresh pack of smokes, all of which could fit in a very small handbag. On a good day, I could throw everything in my pockets and be out the door in under two minutes.

Yesterday we went to my grandparents' for the day, and we packed: a diaper bag; a lunch box; a backpack with all our swimsuits, sunscreen, sunhats, sunglasses, etc.; assorted toys for the car ride; extra onesies and shoes in case of a wardrobe malfunction; plus my purse, which is still on the small side but which has so much stuff that I still can't find my keys.

What has happened to my life? And why am I mostly unbothered by all of it?


  1. awesome. can't wait for the change. except it'll probably be even more drastic, because i'm lucking if i put my phone and wallet in my pants pockets, let alone a purse.

    booked my tix - i'll be home for kim's shower. see you then!!

  2. on the plus side: i don't have that flappy stuff on my arms any more, or not as much, anyway, from doing all that heavy lifting.

    see you soon! w00t!