Floating Holiday

Remote Control
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Not sure what you're up to today, but we are enjoying a rare day off. Haven't have much of a chance to skip work lately, since I used up a lot of vacay when we first got the Cupcake. ("Maternity" leave that only applies when you actually give birth FTL!) We sent her to school for the morning because they are making tie-dye shirts and playing outside in a splash pool, and then we're going to my grandparents' to swim some more. I stayed home and washed some dishes and then played WoW, because I have no life. But whatever, what level is your Priest, eh?

Whatever you're doing this weekend, enjoy it! And have some cake. Everything is better with cake.


  1. looks like her hair might be getting long enough for a ponytail, or even pigtails ;-)

  2. so ... you're spending the day harassing other people into doing their kids' hair? ;-)

  3. i love how she took over the remote ;)