Coffee Table

Coffee Table
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I have ZERO CLUE why climbing around under my mother-in-law's coffee table was entertaining enough to get this big smile, but whatever. It's a great shot so ... good job, G.

(BTW: This is one of my favorite onesies ever, because there is NOTHING it doesn't match, and it's by Garanimals. $2.96, Wal-Mart, you're welcome.)

(Oh, and also: so glad that we're going to Hersheypark this weekend, even though I hate rides and people and teeming around in the hot, because Christ on a cracker ... 90% of the pictures we have of Cupcake are her in the pool. Sheesh-a-roo, does she like the water, I wonder?)

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  1. love the cupcake cam exclusive!! and that you even printed it on the side of the photo ;-) Although you'll have to post it to kodakgallery without the text so i can print that one out. so cute!!