New Species Sighted

Originally uploaded by r_ockle

The bizarre and highly unusual creature seen here is a "Shmortle" (Cheloniidae cupcakeandmamasita). Shmortles are so highly endangered that there is only one known specimen. Photographers were very fortunate to catch this rare glimpse of the Shmortle in its natural habitat -- the freshwater pools of the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania.

According to unconfirmed reports, Blizzard Entertainment is considering creating a character in the latest expansion of its wildly popular "World of Warcraft" video game that is based on the look and characteristics of the Shmortle. Rumor has it that the "Battle Turtle" will be snarky, fiesty, periodically giggly, and will not attack gnomes unless extremely provoked.


  1. gotta teach mom to take pics from the front!!

  2. oh, and i can see the dora aqua socks. she LOVES those, doesn't she ;-)

  3. please ... G took this picture. we tried to get mom to take pictures yesterday and she kept pressing the telephoto button instead of the shutter button.

    and yes -- she wears those dora shoes ALL THE TIME. i am kind of starting to hate them, but at least cupcake won't get lifeguard feet ...