Don't Stop Till You Get Enough

Perpetual Motion
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Sometimes, when you accidentally have the camera set incorrectly -- like, for example, when you have it in "Night" mode when you meant to have it in "Action" -- sometimes, you get the picture that you really wanted, even though you didn't know it.

This is pretty much exactly what Cupcake looks like to me when I get home from work at night: gogogogogo, a blur of grins and giggles and chatter that I can't follow or understand, until all of the sudden she wears herself out, finishes her bottle, and kisses me goodnight. Lather, rinse, repeat. Sigh.

Some days? I really love my life.


  1. Ok, just from these photos, I get the sense she is growing up incredibly fast...

  2. Even though it was set incorrectly...that is a cool effect. Shae has grown up so much even over the last month. Keep up the photos!

  3. I swear to God -- every day when I wake up she is taller and bigger and older and smarter and stronger -- she's hardly a baby any more -- more like a very tiny person. Except at bedtime; then, she is very very wee.

  4. at least you got her with a smile! looks like without the night setting, you might've missed it ;-)

  5. Heh. We just got the same complaint from school, because they're working on Father's Day art projects. "Sorry all your kids pictures look like mugshots ..."