Sweetness and Light

Some pictures*, by popular demand, with Mommy's patented Snark-O-Vision™ descriptions added as a free bonus. Enjoy!

1. Gone Hollywood. We have approximately eleventy metric tons of toys in the house now -- and that doesn't include the drum that Nana Robbie threatened to send down which is almost certain to send either Mommy or Daddy or possibly both of us straight over the edge -- and so of course her favorite plaything so far has been a pair of sunglasses that she found under the couch. Which are now broken because she tried to put them on the cat. Thank heavens I snapped this when I did.

2. Except for maybe me, I've never met a kid so aware of the cameras, and so I have been referring to her as Mommy's Little Ham Sandwich. This child is destined to be on reality TV someday -- hopefully I will be able to keep her off the trashy shows that air on Fox and get her on one of the classy ones like Survivor. (Yes, I will make sure that she packs a demure, one-piece, pixellation-proof swimsuit, because: geez, where are some of these girls' mothers?)

3. No snark here -- when she wakes up After Naptime, it is my favorite part of the whole day.

4. The Rocking Horse was a birthday present from friends of the other family. She's been scared of it, until today. Next steps: walking, and bungee jumping.

* = I know it's a pain in the butt to link through to see the pictures, but I'm not sure about The Rules and I don't want to wreck anything. Hope you understand and continue to tolerate it.


  1. so cute! she looks absolutely petrified in the reality tv pic. but so happy on the rocking horse!

  2. You think she looks petrified? Right before and right after that picture was taken, she tried to stuff the entire camera in her mouth.