Well, I never. Recently I was accused of "jumping on the Red Sox bandwagon" - as if ANYONE in their right mind would ever do such a thing! - and so now, here I am, having to explain myself. So, I hereby respectfully submit for your perusal ...

The Incredible True Story Of The "Outing" of rockle and chembug

For the record, chembug has "always had a soft spot in [his] heart for the Red Sox," in his own words. I think I have always known this, even before we got married, but even though the Red Sox are obviously not the Phillies (they only traditionally choke in October, not May-September), I was willing to put up with this. I was allowed to bring home any man I wanted, as long as he is not a Yankees fan. So.

Somewhere along the line, probably when I went to school in upstate New York and became a Bills fan, I started cheering for the Cubs. Back then, they sucked hard. But I have never been one to back away from a challenge, and being the perpetual proletarian underdog myself, I found a special kinship with them. But the Cubbies are an NL team, and so are the Phillies, so I had to keep my feelings for the Cubs a secret. Have to stay in the will, after all.

I think that in our ten years together, chembug and I have rubbed off on each other. Once in a while, I will catch him cheering for the Phillies or the Flyers or the Eagles. He has definitely impacted me, as three of my top five favorite football teams are now in the AFC (although, in my own defense, I became a devotee of My Beloved Buffalo Bills entirely on my own). So it is only natural that, somewhere along the line, we would both begin to foster an appreciation for each other's baseball teams.

Of course, we outed ourselves last year, after the Eagles lost the NFC Championship game to the Tampa Bay Suck-an-ears. That was the straw that broke the camels' backs, as it were. We announced then and there that we were officially changing our allegiances to our "secret" favorite baseball teams, the Red Sox and the Cubs, since we had at that point resigned ourselves to lives of constant disappointment. No sense in hiding our feelings any more. We were going to cheer for the Sox and the Cubs out loud. All our other favorite teams were bunches of losers! We made peace with our affinities for the Underachieving Underdogs of the Universe.

Imagine our surprise ...

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