Today's List: Top 10 Football Players I Hate

1 - Joe Montana. Not the second coming of Christ, OK? Get over it.
2 - Steve Young. Not the second coming of Joe Montana, OK? Get over it.
3 - Dan Marino. Him, and his faggy Isotoner commercials.
4 - John Elway. Looks like Jani Lane from Warrant. Ick.
5 - Ron Jaworski. Don't blame Dick Vermeil - he won a Super Bowl.
6 - Joe Jurevicius. How did JoePa put up with this self-fellater?
7 - Jeremy Shockey. Nobody is as good as he thinks he is.
8 - Warren Sapp. Just pay the money and knock it the fuck off, would you, punkass?
9 - Kurt Warner. His wife is so irritating.
10 - Doug Flutie. Didn't like him at BC, didn't like him in the USFL, couldn't watch my beloved Buffalo Bills when he played there.

But ... as an addendum to this list, I will say that I have a lot of respect for Flutie and his work with autistic kids. Best of luck with that! These are kids that really need help, and I am glad someone is putting their money where their mouth is.

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