Had to reschedule the "second opinion" walk-through with my parents until tomorrow night. Eh. I am trying not to get to worked up or emotionally invested this time around. Although (not-so) secretly, I am still terribly disappointed that we couldn't work things out over Cecily. She's a fine old dame, and I really hope she ends up with someone who will love her and take good care of her.

My crisis of the moment is that not too many people at work have said much about my hair. Why? It is obviously different - shorter and A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT COLOR! Are you all BLIND? Sorry, I did not do this for "their" approval, and I am completely happy with it, but for Chrissakes, don't you people notice anything? You freak out because someone wears black shoes with navy pants, or carries a brown bag with red shoes, and you haven't noticed what is going on with my head? Criminy Pete. LOOK AT ME! I'm gorgeous and I feel good about myself for a damn change!

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